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Welcome to my blog! | ¡Bienvenidos a mi blog! | Willkommen in meinem Blog!

Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer von Caspar David Friedrich - circa 1818

A small welcome | Una pequeña bienvenida | Eine kleine Begrüßung

Welcome, my dear reader. After owning this domain for more than 3 years, I finally put my some time into actually making something out of it; and oh my, it is actually coming along quite nicely!
Whether you end up appreciating a reflection I make on a topic, or enjoying a project of my own, I hope you get something out of browsing my blog! Do not hesitate to contact me! 

Bienvenido sea, mi estimado lector. Después de haber obtenido este dominio hace más de 3 años, es hasta ahora que me he puesto a sacarle fruto. ¡Y de verdad que ha sido un buen uso de mi tiempo! Ya sea que usted termine apreciando una reflexión mía acerca de algún tema de mi elección, o que usted consiga inspiración al ver uno de mis proyectos, espero que el tiempo pasado en mi blog sea de su agrado y provecho. ¡No dude de contactarme por cualquier asunto o consulta!

Mein lieber Leser, ich begrüße Ihnen in meinem Blog! Ich habe diese Domain seit 3 Jahre besessen, aber es ist nur jetzt, dass ich mein Blog errichte. So weit ist es ein sehr angenehmes Projekt! Ich hoffe, dass Ihre Zeit in meinem Blog sehr produktiv und angenehm wird. Wenn Sie mich kontaktieren wollen, dann senden Sie mich eine E-Mail bitte! 

Intro time

Well, I guess I should proceed to introduce myself. My name is Charles Haylock. I am a first generation college student from the beautiful country of Honduras. I currently attend the University of Connecticut, as I finish my Bachelor of Arts in History and German Studies. As a permanent resident, I am looking forward to becoming a citizen and settling somewhere in the United States. Although I would prefer to stay in the Northeast, or move to Boston or Cincinnati, I am open to settling anywhere in the United States and abroad.

My main passions are history, the humanities in general, languages, and technology. I have always been fascinated by how relevant the past, even the ancient past, is to our modern times. I am a big language learning enthusiast. I currently am able to speak English, German, and Spanish. I can also read in French, Portuguese, Ladino, Catalan, and I am decent at reading Italian. I am also planning on picking up a bit of Dutch and Afrikaans for my reading pleasure. As for technology, I have dabbled in and studied many different aspects of it. From programming languages (my first programming languages were BASIC and FoxPro; yikes!) to SAS and other forms of database management, to high levels of proficiency in MS Office, to even having a temporary gig as an elementary school computer teacher. My current student job assisting with electronic resources management and video streaming technologies, at the Licensing and Acquisitions Unit at my university's main library, has solidified my technology skills even further. Currently, my main interest is in the emerging field of Digital Humanities. In this field, I found something I never conceived possible, to be able to synthesize my two seemingly juxtaposing passions for technology and the humanities. The possibilities are truly endless! 

When I'm not reading a book, playing around with GIS Software, or practicing Deutsch, you can find me learning about HTML and CSS as I tweak my websites. I am also fond of instrumental, rock, and classical music, the beach, poetry, animals (dogs and sharks in particular), career development opportunities, and helping the community.

Alas, if you read this far, I applaud your interest in me/free time. Once more, if you wish to reach me, please feel free to e-mail me!

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